Now that the sun is out, Eurasian Milfoil is starting to feel the pain in Union Bay.  Sonar Aquatic Herbicide has been applied three times to keep exposure levels in the range necessary for controlling the plants in the Bay.  This herbicide removes the capability of the plant to produce carotine pigments, these pigments protect chlorophyll from the sun.  As sunlight photodegraded the chlorophyll the plant can not produce food and this will eventually exhaust the plant.

Our team will be inspecting the bay on Monday July 9th to observe conditions present and take the next round of water samples.  We will then be discussing conditions with the Save Union Bay Board of Directors Monday night.


Treatment Update

Two Sonar Treatments have been made to Union Bay Waters and the third is scheduled for tomorrow Friday June 29th.  This herbicide removes the plants capacity to produce caratine pigments.  These pigments in the leaves protect chlorophyll from the sunlight, without these pigments sunlight photodegrades and breaks down chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is the chemistry in the plant that produces nutrition.  Without it the plants will starve to death.

Sonar herbicide has to be maintained at very low rates for 8 or more weeks around the target plants.  The plants are starting to show stress and chlorosis.  Eurasian Milfoil is starting to loose the bright green color in the leaves, the Brazilian Elodea is starting to put out white tips and the white waterlilies are starting to show a response as well.

The treatment tomorrow will continue to maintain Sonar in the water column and get the plants pushed further toward the end result.  While sunlight has been scarce this past month, the plants are well along and should continue to get exposure in the coming few weeks.  We will continue to monitor conditions and determine if a fourth application is necessary.

On Thursday May 24th, Aquatechnex biologists will make the first of three applications of Sonar Aquatic Herbicide to areas in Union Bay identified in the Save Union Bay Association’s Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan.  This treatment will apply a granular controlled release form of this product to these waters.  Our team has posted the shoreline of the lake in affected areas today with signage providing additional information.

There is a tab at the top of this page that discusses Sonar in greater detail.  There are also avenues to contact us on the tabs at the top of the page, please do so if you have questions.

The battle against Eurasian Milfoil and other noxious aquatic weed species will begin on Union Bay the week of May 21st.  The exact dates of this work will be reported here as time gets closer.  A detailed outline of Sonar PR and it’s mode of action is presented on the page tab above.  

We will be updating this site late next week when we get a weather forecast and select an optimum treatment day.  Please stay tuned.  

Aquatechnex will be delivering a public notice as required by our NPDES permit for the implementation of the Union Bay Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan.  This public notice is required by the Washington Department of Ecology and outlines steps that will be taken under this permit this summer.  Please keep this web site bookmarked as well.  We plan to use this as a primarily means of communication in terms of posting articles on next steps that will be taken etc.  You may also offer comments here, log questions etc.  The week prior to treatment we plan to put the exact dates and times up so check back often.

Welcome to the 2012 Union Bay Noxious Aquatic Weed Management News site.  This web site will be updated on a regular basis to allow those in the vicinity of this project to remain informed.  Aquatechnex biologists will begin working on the bay this coming week performing survey work and organizing for the use of EPA approved technologies to target Eurasian Milfoil and other noxious species.

The blog roll on the right column has links to sites that may be of interest.  The “Log a Case” page above lets you communicate with our team even when we are in the field.  Please stop back often as we will be keeping this up to date and the project moves forward.